Mark E. Sackett created “MyGive4” and “The Art of Active Networking” through one of his businesses, “Brainfood Creative Programs”, with the sole purpose of helping people do better, and it works! Come see why we´ve had everyone from “Smart Money Magazine” to “The Wall Street Journal”, as well as television stations from South Korea have covered our events around the world.
“Mark Sackett creator of The Art of Active Networking has tapped into something that I don't see at other networking events, and it just keeps getting more interesting and more interesting over time. If belief in one´s own self to share in the hopes and dreams of others to help them achieve some measure of business as well as personal success, then you would be doing yourself a disservice not to attend The Art of Active Networking.”
—George (San Francisco, CA)
Still not sure what this is all about?

Mark was a presenter at TEDxFultonStreet in New York City on The Art of Active Networking you can see that talk here.

You can also hear how all this started from Mark E. Sackett the creator!