Mark E. Sackett created “The Art of Active Networking” through one of his businesses, “Brainfood Creative Programs”, with the sole purpose of helping people do better.

And it works! Come see why we’ve had everyone from “Smart Money Magazine” to “The Wall Street Journal”, as well as television stations from South Korea, cover our events around the country.
There was a recent article suggesting this staggering statistic: “Over 70 percent of ALL people are not happy with their job, career or with what they are doing…and given the opportunity would change it!” Seems like a whole lot of people do not love what they do when they wake up in the morning.
  • “Mark Sackett creator of The Art of Active Networking has tapped into something that I don't see at other networking events, and it just keeps getting more interesting and more interesting over time. If belief in one's own self to share in the hopes and dreams of others to help them achieve some measure of business as well as personal success, then you would be doing yourself a disservice not to attend The Art of Active Networking.”
    -George (San Francisco, CA)
  • “Mark you rocked it 2 nights ago! Your vision on helping and connecting others is a powerful approach to networking, the strength you have when you speak is contagious and your humor helps it all gel together so as to not force feed ideas. Just a quick thanks for what you do.”
    -Jordan (New York, NY)
  • "I just attended my first Art of Active Networking event and I was astounded, surprised and moved by what the evening provided. This is not your typical networking event where you exchange business cards, share a few words and then forget whom you met or talked with. It's more of an informal party, hosted by Mark ,who sets a stellar example of how to network effectively by his own behavior. By the end of the evening, you have experienced much more than idle chit chat with some new people, you have potentially connected to people who might become friends or business associates."
    -Bonnie (Los Angeles, CA)
  • "Mark brings a lot of expertise to the table on the right way to network. He really knows his stuff! I would recommend this to anyone that is serious about networking and giving back to build the relationships one needs to grow their business on."
    -Jon (New York, NY)
  • "The Art of Active Networking embodies a manner in which professionals in all industries can broaden their horizons in a unique, inspiring, and differentiated way. Mark's spirited message is grounded in the philosophy that only through helping those around us, can we begin to help ourselves—thereby realizing our goals & dreams in ways we never thought possible."
    -Christopher J (San Francisco, CA)
  • "Now, I not only like networking, I like who I am when I'm engaged in Mark's brand of Active Networking — a special and unique and much needed perspective on a most essential part of business and life."
    -Matt (Los Angeles, CA)
  • "Don't miss this one. Mark Sackett facilitates an exciting evening of Active Networking. His program really creates an environment of openness and community. Because of his round-table format you learn more about the people and really have something to connect with them about. I have met some amazing people here, and my relationships with them are enhanced by Mark's Active Networking process. This is a very exciting group, and the synergy of the people is amazing."
    -Mark (San Francisco, CA)
  • "I have been to a few of Mark's The Art of Active Networking events where I have not only met interesting and engaging people, I have also been truly motivated and inspired by the way Mark holds the space. How can any of us help each other do better? Go to Active Networking and see. Stories unfold and paths weave and continue to cross...that's what will keep you coming back. Can't wait to be back."
    -MaryAnn (Berkeley, CA)
Still not sure what this is all about?

Mark was a presenter in 2014 at TEDxFultonStreet in New York City on The Art of Active Networking you can see that talk here.

You can also hear how all this started from Mark E. Sackett the creator!