"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It was so nice to meet you in person and your "not your typical networking" networking event, was an amazing experience. Personally you pushed me out of my comfort zone and paved the way on how I should approach networking in the future. Professionally you changed my mindset from a "what can I get out of others" to a "what can I give to others" I very much look forward to going to your next event."
-Andrew (New York City)

"I recently posted a comment about thinking of Mark E. Sackett while driving, and remarkably I thought of him again. I think I think of Mark every time I think of the way the world should be. In this case, saying "hi" to strangers. To most people doing it is awkward, uncomfortable and weird. I don't know how often Mark does it, but I do recall reading in his bio that it's something he does. Success comes from making people feel good, and saying, "hi" to a stranger in a very simple way does just that. To me that simple behavior and ability says a lot about Mark's deep understanding of success."
-Daniel (New Jersey)

"It was great to meet you and attend your event. I love networking events where the organizers don't just throw as many bodies in the room as possible to collect cards to add to the collection. Thank you for a well-organized, thought out, event. I go to many networking events and you are definitely in the top tier for quality. Your event is structured in such a way as to maximize the value to the participants. I am looking forward to attending future The Art of Active Networking Events."
-Joe (New York City)

"Thinking of attending an Art of Active Networking Event? Do yourself a favour and go! I guarantee you'll meet some very cool people. And who knows what could happen? I attended Mark's events in Los Angeles last year as well as his event in New York City, and ended up having my book featured in a Hollywood Movie!"
-Kathryn (Sydney, Australia)

"Mark's programs are the BEST! Mark has all the right ingredients: interesting people, an outstanding structure for networking that ensures success and a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere. Go!!!"
-Anonymous (Vancouver, BC)

"The way I discovered The Art of Active Networking is actually quite funny. I'm a realtor and every morning I do about 2 hours of cold calling around the neighborhoods where I have listings. One morning, one of the people I reached turned out to be Mark Sackett. I started to give my usual spiel and Mark quickly cut me off and said, "Hey, if you really want to come and meet some interesting people come to a networking event I'm hosting on Monday." Of course, I took down the info and told him I'd see him there. I did some research on the event before coming by but I still didn't really know what to expect. When I got there I was greeted by a warm and welcoming crowd of people. Several of the folks there were regulars, but quite a few were first timers like myself. From the very beginning you can feel an energy in the room that was filled with openness and enthusiasm. But more importantly, there was also a particular aura present in the entire experience that radiates directly from Mark himself; the unyielding desire everyone here has to help one another. The Art of Active Networking isn't about the me, me, me factor like so many other similar events are, but there's actually a very authentic pleasure that most attendees derive from knowing that they were able to help people connect to one another who ultimately solved each others problems and reached a step further towards conquering their goals. Ultimately, when you come from a place of giving without the expectation that you will get something in return, people will in turn feel your generosity and in the same way strive to help you reach your goals. This is just human nature, and unfortunately it is common sense that isn't so common in our world. The Art of Active Networking is a true escape from your regular, boring networking event where you exchange business cards that you almost instantly throw away (or file away into what Mark calls "rubber band syndrome"). Instead of just a few short introductions and the overused and insanely irritating phrase "What do you do for a living", the The Art of Active Networking stresses that you talk about your passions, about your true life goals and desires, about who you really are and what drives you as a human being. It's because of this simple yet alarmingly underused theme to a social gathering that I have now become hooked, and am a lifer at Mark's monthly event in SF. All thanks to a cold call, that became a warm connection."
-Joe (San Francisco, CA)

"I read Mark's posting on Stage32.com an entertainment site for networking, and was intrigued by his passion in connecting people and bridging relationships to create exciting networks. So I decided to go to The Art of Active Networking event here in Vancouver recently, not knowing what to expect and wasn't disappointed - after being so accustomed to networking events in the film and entertainment industry where everyone is always trying to "pitch and sell" something to each other - it was quite a refreshing and inspiring experience at Mark's event where he encouraged everyone to "get to know each other by offering to help", because it's all about building relationships and not just "selling stuff". I actually met quite a few people that are not from the film industry that I'm in, but they were unique, interesting individuals who actually care to get to know you as a person and have meaningful conversations outside of "selling oneself". By the end of the self-intro session around the room, it feels like you know everyone in the room and there's definitely lots of warm and fun vibes spreading around even before the networking actually got started! Learning from Mark's insight on "the active art of networking" was also a very inspirational experience with a good dose of humor! Thank you, Mark - for the wonderful night of meeting new friends, exchanging ideas and plenty of good vibes. Look forward to seeing you again in this town soon."
-Desiree, Filmmaker (Vancouver, BC)

"One of the amazing things about Mark E. Sackett is his ability to improve the world around the people he meets. I'm not saying this to suck up or flatter Mark, but to thank him in my own way. I've attended his events a number of times, but that's not really the thing I enjoy. It's that Mark, through speaking with others, is very motivating and uplifting. I just watched his TEDTalk, and it reminded me how much fun it is to go out, create, improve, and connect. - LinkedIn only wants me to select THREE attributes to describe this recommendation for Mark... 3 is not nearly enough."

"I keep returning to The Art of Active Networking because it is the best place I have found to get inspired and reconnected to what is possible when we focus on helping each other. Many of us feel so pressured to make a sale, grow our business, or 'get ahead' that we forget how to connect with each other as equals, humans, individuals and build relationships to help each other. Mark leads the way in 'being the change' by hosting these events that are anchored in receiving by giving. If you want to be part of the most exciting and satisfying consciousness shift, come practice with us (and laugh, and enjoy delicious food!). Be a leader, a trail blazer and check out this unique and inspiring gathering."
-Cara Cordoni (San Francisco, CA)

"Mark, the creator of, “The Art of Active Networking”, completely forces you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. He forces you to not only know what strangers name, occupation, and hobbies are, but what really drives them out of bed daily to grind in order to do what they are passionate about. Mark teaches you how to dig deep, and then delve even deeper to discover the true meaning of each new persons meaning of life; what makes them tick, what makes them cry. This is my very first networking event, and now the bar is set so extremely high, I don’t know if I can attend a regular meetup anymore, as this event will probably put 99.9999 (repeating) % of all networking events to shame!!

I have never been in a room full of so many awesome people who genuinely want to help you with no expectations of receiving anything in return. I love that concept, and live by it. Thanks Mark, for connecting me with amazing people I would have never connected with normally with my busy/productive lifestyle. 25 dollars is peanuts in comparison to the standard of friends you make here. I could be in a million dollars debt, and would beg for 25 dollars for even a day on the street just to attend this event with Mark, and his team, just so I can better my skills and gain a better understanding. If there is anything in life that you cheap out on, the last person/thing would be yourself. (coming from a once broke joke) Continuous education is key to a successful life. “A wise person learns from their mistakes, a wiser person learns from the mistakes of others. The wisest person learns from other peoples success."
-Annie (Vancouver, BC)

"Do you think networking is a boring activity? Frankly, most of them are. But there is one place to network where it's not only exciting, it's an art form. Mark Sackett has created the perfect formula for you to not only meet some of the coolest people in the city, but also gives you the education and the space you need to do it more effectively. As a small business owner, I was thrilled with the quality of the people who were present, and the number of deals and referrals that were taking place. I also loved that people followed up the next day which meant that Mark's giving keeps right on giving resulting in a client. Mark you are AWESOME!"
-Jacqueline Wales (Author of The Fearless Factor Motivational Programs)

"I recently attended a night of Active Networking, a group that meets at least one time a month in San Francisco at the Box SF. In all my days of networking, i.e., lunch, trade shows, meetings and anything else, I can say I have never experienced anything like this group. The connections were made seamlessly and effortlessly, and all under the wise direction of Mark Sackett, owner of The Box SF and facilitator for the event. His style and approach to integrate this eclectic gathering of at least 50 people, cuts to the chase, with short bios of 30 seconds as we go around the room. At the conclusion of that, we are let loose to eat, mingle and make as many connections as possible, and the interactions have a charged excitement. I liken it to speed date for entrepreneurs and career seekers of all kinds, and if there is a connection, like a "first date", the tingly after effects sink in later."

"Mark Sackett owns and operates "The BoxSF" and runs his network group monthly in San Francisco and other cities and, he does his best and succeeds at it, in making everyone feel welcomed and comfortable, so that by the end of the night, you did not just leave your business card, but you also made a connection with a vast array of others like yourself. By evenings end, you feel like you may very well have made a connection that will lead into a variety of ventures and relationships. At the core of it, it is all about our relationship with the person we are interacting with. Mark more than succeeds in providing a perfect ambience, creating the perfect environment to cultivate long term relationships and liaisons that will be of benefit to all. I have yet to date ever attended such a powerful meeting of such a short duration with such a noticeable out come within 24 hours of attending. The Art of Active Networking will become a monthly staple in my life as I seek to cultivate a new business and social network in San Francisco. Anyone needing a jumpstart on this often ignored facet of our lives needs to attend one of Mark Sackett's "The Art of Active Networking". They will be pleasantly surprised."

"Some people are easy to describe and others, a bit more difficult. Mark is someone who is difficult for me to describe because he is so multi-faceted. When I think of Mark, I think of a man of Integrity; of a really honest person who does not sugar-coat the reality of life or business, but who does everything he can to help you. A lot of people do a lot of talking, while others really show up. For me, Mark has always been someone who has shown up both in business and in life. When Mark says that he is there to help you, he means it. You just have to reach out and see it for yourself. Thank you so much for inspiring me with your words, with your inspiration and with your support. I very much admire you and appreciate all of your support. I have loved attending the Art of Active Networking for years now because it is by far the best, most fun and most genuine networking event I've ever come across. Much gratitude to you Mark for creating a great community of people who care about helping one another. I am proud to be a part of that community."
-Svetlana (San Francisco, CA)

"In my 20+ years in professional sales with countless seminars, workshops, network mixers, and business-centric meet and greets, to say nothing of my personal involvement with organizations devoted to the business exchange of ideas and business leads, I'm amazed at the level of intent and exchange of ideas that I've found at The Art of Active Networking. As we work as individuals through the poetry of life, how often are we truly surprised as to what the human spirit can do to surprise and motivate you? The Art of Active Networking moves in a direction that defines what a person can do if they just open their eyes, hearts and minds to helping others make their day a better day, a more productive day, a day of help and understanding. This event and seminar isn't for everyone, but if you've reached a maturity of heart, mind and spirit in your life and are willing to help make others lives as important as your own, this networking event, this business event, can make a difference to you and others right now, right today.

Mark Sackett creator of The Art of Active Networking has tapped into something that I don't see at other networking events, and it just keeps getting more interesting and more interesting over time. If belief in one's own self to share in the hopes and dreams of others to help them achieve some measure of business as well as personal success, then you would be doing yourself a disservice not to attend The Art of Active Networking."
-George (San Francisco, CA)

"Mark you rocked it 2 nights ago! Your vision on helping and connecting others is a powerful approach to networking, the strength you have when you speak is contagious and your humor helps it all gel together so as to not force feed ideas. Just a quick thanks for what you do."
-Jordan (New York, NY)

"I just attended my first Art of Active Networking event and I was astounded, surprised and moved by what the evening provided. This is not your typical networking event where you exchange business cards, share a few words and then forget whom you met or talked with. It's more of an informal party, hosted by Mark ,who sets a stellar example of how to network effectively by his own behavior. By the end of the evening, you have experienced much more than idle chit chat with some new people, you have potentially connected to people who might become friends or business associates.

Thanks, Mark, for lending your talent, knowledge and most importantly, your irrepressible personality to making the evening so meaningful."
-Bonnie (Los Angeles, CA)

"Mark brings a lot of expertise to the table on the right way to network. He really knows his stuff! I would recommend this to anyone that is serious about networking and giving back to build the relationships one needs to grow their business on."
-Jon (New York, NY)

"Mark Sackett is, quite simply, an amazing person. The Art of Active Networking is much more than a series of networking events. It is a philosophy. A "working-person's" way to live and interact with others.

The Art of Active Networking embodies a manner in which professionals in all industries can broaden their horizons in a unique, inspiring, and differentiated way. Mark's spirited message is grounded in the philosophy that only through helping those around us, can we begin to help ourselves—thereby realizing our goals & dreams in ways we never thought possible.

Mark, and the Art of Active Networking, seek not only to help professionals grow their businesses, but also make the world and our community a better place. Building community, enhancing relationships, and helping professionals to communicate "their holistic selves"—the person and the professional—is at the core of Mark's philosophy. With the Art of Active Networking, it's not only about what you do—but who you are as a person.

After attending the Art of Active Networking, professionals leave with much more than a stack of business cards. They are empowered to walk-forth with a mindset that networking is more than compiling a rolodex full of email addresses and phone numbers. Networking is about building personal relationships, helping others first, and then realizing our personal and professional endeavors in ways we never thought possible."
-Christopher J (San Francisco, CA)

"These events are a wonderful social experiment. Mark helps us find group connection and sincerity in a context I used to despise (okay, fear). Who likes networking? I used to answer, 'definitely not me.'

As Mark holds space for people to network as authentic human beings, he invites us to focus on empowering others and knowing our needs when asked.

Now, I not only like networking, I like who I am when I'm engaged in Mark's brand of Active Networking — a special and unique and much needed perspective on a most essential part of business and life."
-Matt (Los Angeles, CA)

"Don't miss this one. Mark Sackett facilitates an exciting evening of Active Networking. His program really creates an environment of openness and community. Because of his round-table format you learn more about the people and really have something to connect with them about. I have met some amazing people here, and my relationships with them are enhanced by Mark's Active Networking process. This is a very exciting group, and the synergy of the people is amazing."
-Mark (San Francisco, CA)

"When I arrived at The Art of Active Networking I saw this gentleman with a great smile moving around the few people that were there. So I stepped into," the mega conference room and found a spot to sit." Then I started to converse with a lady who had just discovered a new talent in photography, her husband was there and his background is technology and sales. And he talked to me about how much he admired Project Managers and how he thought the level of stress was enormous. I responded yes I know because I did that for many years. I then turn around and met a Gal who’s business is to organize peoples spaces. So Mark walks in the room and says ok everyone let’s get out and meet new people. I’m like ok let’s go.

I met so many people from a minister, health practitioner, biotechnologist, techies, alternative health, business owners, Interns, folks in transition from all over the US, France, and Italy. So after a few drinks in the lounge area, Mark summons everyone back into the mega conference room with 2 huge wood tables, with very comfy chairs. He says, “ok folks that have been here know the drill, new folks take a few seconds to say something about what you need help in? why are you here? and what are you passionate about?” If you don’t have your story, and say it within the time allotted you get gonged. A loud Gong is sitting at the end of the table with a nice gentleman with a stop watch as the time keeper. Then comes question no. 2 and I begin to realize that this is different and effective.

Today I can still remember many of the conversations, see the people’s faces and associate information that was shared by them. This is to me the best form of Networking, intimate, friendly, interesting and overall effective. You make friends first, and then you have the opportunity to become business partners. It’s no longer about passing out business cards but about getting “intimate” with colleagues. Oh and on the next day I saw one of the gals at another event, and it was like we were best friends. Amazing – In my opinion this is the way it should be, simple, effective and enjoyable."
-Laura (San Francisco, CA)

"I have been to a few of Mark's The Art of Active Networking events where I have not only met interesting and engaging people, I have also been truly motivated and inspired by the way Mark holds the space. How can any of us help each other do better? Go to Active Networking and see. Stories unfold and paths weave and continue to cross...that's what will keep you coming back. Can't wait to be back."
-MaryAnn (Berkeley, CA)

"I would highly recommend it. Thank you Mark for creating an intelligent and meaningful networking event. I will be back."
-Kevin (San Francisco, CA)

"So I go to lots of these networking things. Some are great and some are total wastes of time. You know the ones I am talking about, where sales people are out throwing cards around like ninja stars...I came to Mark's event and I was so happy. I met some amazing people that could really help me with some business issues I was having. I made some great connections with some people that could help grow my business. Mark introduced me personally to some great people and everyone there just had such a great vibe. Everyone just wanted to help each other out and connect each other. I will definitely be coming back and spending some nights here."
-Bradley (San Rafael, CA )

"Finally - a refreshing take on a networking event. Mark definitely knows how to connect people in a real way that actually achieves the main goal of going to these events in the first place... making solid connections! I was super impressed with the intimate setting and how Mark just allows the connections to happen naturally - I was amazed at how effortless it was to meet people who actually want to help each other. Mark and his networking event are truly one-of-a-kind and I'm looking forward to the next one!"
-Zan Passante (Writer, Producer, Owner of Madcitizen)

"Tonight was my first time at Active Networking and it was totally worth the 15 bucks. An interesting mix of professionals--from a banker to an artist to a green architect to a massage therapist, etc. Everybody was super open, friendly and approachable. Mark Sackett is an expert Ringmaster and helped open things up, made everybody feel at ease and he's super passionate about connecting people."
-Ruby (New York, NY)

"I've been here a few times now, for Mark Sackett's Active Networking meeting. That event is worthy of another 5-star review here on Yelp!"
-Josiah (San Francisco, CA)

"The Art of Active Networking event itself was spectacular!! Our host Mark Sackett presents networking in a new light. One where everyone walks away with being inspired and many new business relationships formed. So glad I drove the extra miles to go....gave me the inspiration I needed for a new business concept. I will be attending again. I walked away with so much from one meeting and can't wait to see what will happen from another. Strongly encourage others to share this time and space with their networks they will thank you for it!! "
-Julia (Stockton, CA)

"This is the best Meet Up I have been to and I have gone to many. Mark is a great leader and we had a full table of about 45 people."
-Bob (San Francisco, CA)

"WOW, Another great group with some new records for distance traveled tonight one was from Australia and 2 from Latvia, who were there to launch a new website and who were looking for US partners! That's really amazing that people come from everywhere to attend this event."
-Mark (Los Angeles, CA)

"Good intimate meeting. The small number of participants maybe around 50 or so, allowed for a more in depth get to know you experience. I enjoyed the change of pace."
-Fabienne (San Francisco, CA)

"This is the perfect atmosphere to make connections with people. Everyone that attended was interesting and from a wide spectrum of industries/life. I was able to make good connections."
-Cindi (San Francisco, CA)

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